Insect and Disease Contest References


For the Forest Insect and Disease Identification contest, you will have to identify 10 insects and 10 diseases from the official Insect and Disease Lists in the Invitational Handbook. The insect list and disease list are reproduced on this site, with each item in the list linking to an official flash card.

Each of the forest insects and diseases on the Invitational contest have a flash card.

Click on the insect list or disease list links above or below to access the official lists and flash cards.

After you download and print off each flash card, you will need to cut the cards apart and staple the text page to the back of the insect picture page. Some people laminate the card for durability. There are two copies of the insect picture page and the text page on each flash card file.

insect list and disease list



Insect Identification Guide for Senior 4-H Forestry Competition Training

(University of Kentucky)

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