We encourage states who have not participated in the Invitational before to send an adult observer to the competition. The Invitational Committee will cover lodging and meal costs for one observer from each state while the observer is in residence at Jackson's Mill State 4-H Conference Center. A small stipend, based on .25 cents per mile, is available to help offset travel costs. For amount see mileage map on registration page.

Arrangements can be made with the Invitational Committee to pick up the observer at the airport in Clarksburg, WV (about 20 miles away from Jackson's Mill) to avoid rental car charges. If the observer flies into any other airport, he or she will need to rent a car. This cost would be at the state's expense. The observer will stay in a private room in one of the guest cottages at Jackson's Mill. Lodging will be assigned by the Invitational Committee.

If you intend to send an observer from your state, please fill out the Observer Registration form. You can access this form by clicking on the 'Observer Form' link located to the right side of this web page.

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