2000 Photos

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  • Kentucky
    David Cooper, Brandon Lawson, Amy Brashears, Aaron Perry, Joshua Patrick, Kim Cooper
  • Louisiana
    Paul Morris, Jeremy Dobbins, Chris Chandler, Joshua Landry, Evan Earl
  • Maryland
    Tim Overstreet, Lauren Wanzer, Evan Weston, Linda Garrett
  • Missouri
    Denise Staponski, Jeremy Velten, Jace Staponski, James Adams, Randy Staponski
  • Mississippi
    Front Row: Michael Kelly, Allen Stroud Back Row: Eddie Harsh, Bradley Miller, Tyler Rogers, Daniel Dunlap, Ed Faurot
  • Oklahoma
    Carlton Heard, Scott Belcher, Corbin Heard, Josh Lenz, Dale Lenz
  • Pennsylvania
    Sue Heyler, Timothy Heyler, Christopher Stroup, Richard Ainey, Julie Dunkerton, David Miller, Ann Dunkerton
  • South Carolina
    Morris Warner, Tammy Warner, Tim Cook, Garrison Morris, Josh O'Grady, Andrew Edson, Deb Edson
  • Tennessee
    Jeremy Paulins, Justin Boling, Chris Ramsey, Jed Clark, Jason Carden
  • Alabama
    S. Wayne Ford, Matthew Hallman, Lindsey Waters, Charlaina Greene, Jacob Ramsey, Jan Greene
  • Texas
    Steve Skyvara, Stephen Skyvara, Judith Bowden, Laura Gilchrest, Camille Bowden, Joshua Bowden, Paul Gibson
  • Virginia
    Judy Riggs, Laura Ford, Katie Finlay, Jane Finlay, Morgan Riggs
  • West Virginia
    Jamie Kellison, Adam Triplett, Jason Goldizen, Greg Hamons, Adam Bosley, Mike Burns
  • Wisconsin
    Holly Sromek, Robin Pester, Dillon Immormino, Andrea Mehner, Deloris Larson, George Larson
  • Will McElfresh Team Achievement Award (1st Place Team): Alabama
    S. Wayne Ford, Matthew Hallman, Jacob Ramsey, Lindsey Waters, Charlaina Greene, Jan Greene
  • 2nd Place Team: West Virginia
    Mike Burns, Adam Bosley, Jason Goldizen, Greg Hamons, Adam Triplett, Jamie Kellison
  • 3rd Place Team: Arkansas
    Joe Don Greenwood, Jacob Hollis, Steve Burgess, Lance Vickers, Roy Hamilton, Brad McDougald, Jim Bevill
  • High Teams - Group Shot
    (Joe Yeager) West Virginia, 2nd;
Alabama, 1st; Arkansas, 3rd
  • Michael Sikora Individual Achievement Award Winner (high point individual):
    Pebbles Fulford, Florida
  • High Point Individuals
    Pebbles Fulford, Florida - 1st; Matthew Hallman, Alabama - 2nd; Lindsey Waters, Alabama - 3rd

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