1999 Photos

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  • Indiana
    Mitchell Jonas-Coach, Team Members: Phil Kapfhammer, Jason Long, Nicole Retzner, Rich McGown-Coach
  • Kentucky
    Matt Cooper-Coach, Team Members:  D. J. Hall, Anthony Dalton, Andy Amburgey, Michael Hall, Jesse Brown-Coach
  • Louisiana
    Ricky Kilpatrick-Coach, Team Members:  Charlie Hogan, Elise Puissegur, Matt Reed, Dana Courtright-Coach/Chaperone
  • Maryland
    Richard Garrett-Chaperone, Team Members:  Matthew Hartlove, Beth House, Erinn Walsh, Linda Garrett-Coach, Bob Hartlove-Coach
  • Mississippi
    Team Members:  Allen Stroud, Robert Eaves, Justin Reed, Matthew Tucker, Ed Faurot-Coach
  • Missouri
    Team Member:  Tyten Teegarden, Jeremy Cox-Coach/Chaperone, Team Members:  Alane Franken, Daniel Huhmann, Johnathan McQuaide, not shown Peggy Huhmann-Coach
  • North Carolina
    Amery Wells-Coach, Team Members:  Jeffrey Brumbaugh, Brad Frank, Deniz Chen, Mary Ann Metcalf-Coach
  • Oklahoma
    Alicia Brents-Coach, Team Members:  Ashley Hitch, Jessica Cochnauer, Tambra Nowell, Cass Davis, Chaperones: Rhonda McCarter, Jeff McCarter
  • Pennsylvania
    Team Members:  Jeremiah Fearnley, David Sienko, Jr., Ryan Danneker, David Sienko, Sr. - Coach
  • Alabama
    Team Members:  Robby Ellington, Bethany Bowden, Meagan Kelley, Jonathan Jones, Blake Kelley-Coach, Roger Vines-Coach
  • Tennessee
    Lance Maurice-Coach, Team Members:  Grant Hofmann, Deanna Maurice, Nathan Warden, Joshua Harrison, Sue Maurice-Coach, Meredith Collins-Agent
  • Texas
    Wanda Clark-Coach, Team Members:  Alison Clark, Zach Vaughn, Samantha Taylor, Rachel Clark, Joshua Clark-Coach
  • Virginia
    Dough Harris-Coach, Team Members:  Kate Smith, David Bagley, Peter Kirwan, Ben Harris, Drema Bagley-Chaperone
  • West Virginia
    Team Members:  Justin Wagner, Jason Reed, Jessica Evans, Jason Broce, Mike Burns-Coach
  • Wisconsin
    Scott Lindow-Coach, Sandra Prebeg. Holly Sromek-Coach, Team Members: Kayla Siemek, Alicia Elder, Mac Blackburn, Kelly Kozey, Deloris Larson-Coach, Becky Sromek-Jr. Coach, Mike Knipfel-Coach
  • Arkansas
    Team Members:  Luke Titsworth, Kirk Holder, Trent Hamilton, Michael Tilley, Bryan Maye-Coach
  • Florida
    Bob Renner-Coach, Team Members:   Amy Regoli, Katie George, Leah Warner, Amy Oldberg, Amy Upton-Coach, Krista Renner-Coach
  • Georgia
    Jim Peeples-Coach/Agent, Team Members:  John Meighen, Jodi Ramsey, Salem Fitzpatrick, Andy Haygood, Donna Ramsey-Team Chaperone
  • Idaho
    Sue Van Natter-Coach, Team Members:  Jeanette Asbill, Alycia Campbell, Adam Merrifield, Mary Waterman, Frank Waterman-Coach
  • Illinois
    Dave Shiley-Coach, Team Members: Jake Foran, Jon Howard, Betsy Gibson, Steven Shiley, Susan Shiley-Chaperone

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